Because I am interested in the objectives to be achieved, the means and the content, my proposals are varied and adapted to my clients’ needs.

• Strategic planning: communication, promotion and action plan

• Creation of a brand image; positioning of a company, product and service

• Consulting services in communication, marketing and social acceptability

• Writing: speeches, notices, internal and external communiqués and press releases, newsletters, websites and social networks

• Committee chairing and event management

• Management of internal and external communication activity: electronic, traditional, event-related, promotional, public relations and media relations

• Management of project

Starting from an idea or purpose, develop and implement actions that make it real and tangible. I have been a communication and marketing professional for 20 years. I provide solutions to organizations that want to communicate their message as accurately as possible.


My operating mode is flexible:

> turn-key projects

> hourly or package rates

> telework (from a distance) or in your premises

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